Saturday, June 09, 2007

War And Peacemaking

Let us note that yesterday marked 25 years since the bombing of the Sir Galahad by the Argentine air force, in which 48 British servicemen were killed.

Having been a toddler at the time, I can recall little of the Falklands War - thankfully, I have reasoned arguments from the great minds of the internet to remind me who the real villains of the piece are...

"Strange how you never hear the fucking Leftie bastards bitching and whining about the sinking of our ships whilst being more than happy to wring their hands over the dead of the General Belgrano (which was sunk entirely legitimately and anyone who says otherwise is a double-dyed cunt and pig-ignorant to boot.)"

Speaking as a fucking Leftie bastard and a double-dyed, pig-ignorant cunt, I would like to take this opportunity to say that I am opposed to the bombing of British naval vessels, even during wars.

I'm just glad to see modern Thatcherites posting such moving tributes to our war dead, since they might have been tempted to throw the kind of infantile, toy-flinging tantrum that has so justly condemned them to float like lonely turds in the political toilet for my entire adult life.

Hopefully this moment of remembrance will help rehabilitate their reputation from its present nadir as a shower of incoherent, vengeance-crazed nutters with all the charm and grace of a pack of flatulent pitbulls.

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