Thursday, June 14, 2007

This Is An Advertisement

Do Fears Of Statehood Keep You Awake At Night?

Sick Of All That Annoying International Support?

Worry That Your Living Room Wall Might Not Have Quite Enough Bullet Holes In It?

Well, Why Not Get HAMAS! And BLAST Those Pesky Troubles Away!

Here At HAMAS!, We Promise To Kill Your National Aspirations DEAD In Just One Easy Treatment!

Annoyed By Troublesome Political Adversaries?

Just Apply HAMAS! And Watch All Resistance Fade Away!

The Proven Formula of HAMAS! Is Guaranteed To Destroy Traces Of Sympathy In Those Hard To Reach Places!

Also Works On Pizzerias!


*WARNING - Repeated use may cause sudden executions, religious repression and the extraction of the "Fun" from "Fundamentalism"- Consult your Imam before applying.

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