Thursday, May 31, 2007

Whales vs Japan - The War The World Ignores

I'm not in the least surprised to see this headline - Whale Meeting Condemns Japan.

Were I a whale, I imagine I too would harbour considerable resentment for the Japanese. After all, nothing ruins one's morning quite like an exploding harpoon in the ventral pleats.

It is commendable that the whale community has decided to sit down around the table and solve this seemingly intractable conflict through diplomacy rather than violence, despite intense provocation.

If my pods were attacked with such ferocity, I guarantee that I would not be so sanguine.

Firstly, I'd like to make it clear that I'm an unbiased observer in this conflict - I condemn both the Japanese use of hi-tech weapons, which allows them to strike at the whale population with impunity, and also the whales' suicide bombing tactics.

It remains to be seen how the Japanese will respond to this measure. In all likelihood they will tell the whales to stick their resolution up their blowholes, and the tragic cycle of violence will recommence. After all, the Japanese point out, if the whales would only cease their encroachment into Japanese waters there would be no conflict in the first place.

I can only endorse the calls for international mediation and call upon both sides to exercise restraint - obviously, nobody wants to see any more blubber shed.

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