Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Two! Minutes! To Midnight!

I'm off out tonight, so just these quick thoughts to tide you over until tomorrow...

Where would five British kids get the idea that they were constantly victimised and living in a stinking hellhole of debauchery, sin and criminality?

Why would they decide that the "slags" dancing in British nightclubs were sub-human tarts that deserved punishment? What would make them decide that the chavs of Britain's shopping malls were in need of a short, sharp shock?

What could make ordinary kids suddenly decide that Britain was an immoral, degraded country in need of swift and brutal correction?

Could be that they were indoctrinated by extremist groups into a nihilistic death-cult committed to the destruction of Britain, I suppose. After all, it wouldn't be the first time that a charismatic leader had brainwashed youngsters into committing criminal acts.

That's the scenario we're all hearing about in the press, anyway. But what if that wasn't the whole story?

What if they simply read British newspapers every day?

I've repeatedly mocked the backlash culture we live in, the bullhorn that blares incessantly in our ears of how all politicians are corrupt liars, that the streets are awash with criminality, that today's youngsters are a feral mob of snarling animals and irresponsible sex fiends.

Wouldn't it be ironic if the backlash - the very movement that's supposed to close our borders, crack down on crime and force modernity to sit still and behave, had spawned such ugly offspring?

In such fertile ground, well, just about anything could grow.

When every newspaper, radio station and TV show blasts us with the iniquity of our society, when all of us compete to claim ultimate victimhood, when every politician finds himself fighting a losing battle to pass draconian crime-fighting legislation in the face of a hurricane of public anger, are we surprised that young, stupid men are such easy prey for our enemies?

Oh well, fuck it, I'm sure it'll all sort itself out eventually - I'm off out to the pub.

Take it easy, now.

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