Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Daughter of Hope and Fear, Explaining to Ignorance the Nature of the Unknowable

Water-cooler conversation at work today involved a lengthy chat about last night's Panorama, which investigated the wierd and wonderful world of Scientology.

My workmates were united in derision, clapping each other over the back as they hooted over the Scientologists' belief in the Galactic Warlord Xenu, body Thetans and engrams.

I'd like to add that two of my colleagues are Catholics, one is a Muslim and another is Jewish, and that all of them believe we are watched over by an invisible superhero who, upon their deaths, will spirit them to an eternity of blissful tranquility in His presence.

I had to laugh at their absolute lack of self-awareness as they cheerfully ripped into Tom Cruise for his foolishness and gullibility.

After all, as everybody knows, Satan is our Lord and master, and we shall all dwell in the bowels of the Earth forever, shrieking for His pleasure in an infinite Lake of Fire.

What cretins.

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