Monday, May 28, 2007

Bitch Better Have My Hunny
By Winnie Tha Pimp

Anyhow, what I'm tryin' ta say ta y'all is, y'all seen my girl Kanga? I got bidness I wants to discuss wit' the ho.

Yeah, tha's right, y'all know what I'm sayin'. Dat girl been laying low, but Tha Pooh be lookin' fo' his payoff, and tha bitch better have my Hunny.

Yo, y'all know me, I ain't never crossed nobody, never done taken no beehive that I ain't earned straight.

I be tha baddest pimpin' muthafuckin' bear in tha Hundred Acre Hood, but all I'm askin' for is tha respect I'm due, see?

It's gettin' so a playa can't shoot shit on a street corner wit'out gettin' disrespected by a Tigga. Dis crazy ass Tigga come up to me the other day an' he's all poppin' off like, yo, you a bear of little brain and shit.

What tha fuck, I says, who y'all callin' a bear of little brain, muthafucka?

I shoulda smoked his ass right there on tha corner, but that wack-ass donkey Eeyore was all Hey, easy, the Tigga just messin', yo. I be a reasonable man, so I step off, but shit, man.

Why a Tigga gots to run up on a playa like that anyhow?

Hey, I gots to run, but if y'all see my girl Kanga, don't tell her ya saw me, just gimme a call an' I'll be right on down ta pick up tha ho.

Shit, it's tha Piglets! Bail, dog, I'll see y'all up at tha Pooh Sticks Bridge.


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