Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Amateur Dramatics

It's with great pleasure that I present an extract from my theatrical reimagining of Tennessee Williams' Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, transposed from the sultry swamps of fifties Mississippi to the gritty reality of the mean streets of Edinburgh.

It is the tale of Brick Pollitt, an aging football hero who has neglected his wife Maggie due to his drink-sodden grief for his friend Skipper. Brick's drinking and coldness towards Maggie have brought disharmony into their once-passionate relationship.

It has been a struggle to render the Southern lilt into the modern patois of the street, but with many hours of research I feel I have been able to keep the emotion and authenticity of the original script.

The play commences with a scene of domesticity...

(Curtain rises - BRICK is showering, enter MAGGIE, stage left, wiping her tracksuit)

MAGGIE: o brck, yr brthrs fcking kid jst hit me wth a sossage rll

BRICK: ha ha the lttl cnt. gt me a drnk, i m chokin on a bevvy ;)

(MAGGIE prepares a Buckfast on the rocks)

MAGGIE: y do u drnk so mch? y wnt u hv sx wth me n e more? :(

BRICK: i m pssd off bcos my m8 skippr is ded

(MAGGIE slams the glass down)

MAGGIE: FFS brck skippr hs bn ded 4 years i m chokin on a ride

BRICK: gv me tht drnk! (BRICK snatches the glass and downs the contents)

MAGGIE: hw mch wll u drnk 2nite? u r bevvied LOL

BRICK: i jst nd 2 hear the click in my hed %)

MAGGIE: i lv u brck bt u r a bevvy mrchnt & a bendr

(Curtain falls)

I hope you enjoyed this extract - work has already commenced on a sequel, an original work I have scripted starring Samuel L. Jackson in Snakes On A Hot Tin Roof.

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