Wednesday, April 04, 2007

There's Something About Rodent

I've learned tonight that a leading light of British bloggery has been subjected to a constant stalking campaign, and that the long arm of the law has finally intervened.

Stalking is one of the most hateful of all public order crimes and it can have terrible effects for victims. To be deprived of one's peace of mind by a prolonged campaign of harrassment and intimidation is to be deprived of one's freedom, and to be subjected to such treatment merely for blogging is despicable.

In that vein, here's my list of the Top Ten Bloggers I'd Most Like To Stalk -

1) Wisdom Weasel
2) Philip Challinor
3) Larry Teabag
4) Teh L4m3
5) Sonic
6) Pigdogfucker
7) Ball Bag
8) Gorilla Bananas
9) Harry Hutton
10) Curious Hamster

Please don't feel offended if I've missed you out, I'll get round to lurking in cyberspace while rifling through your virtual rubbish eventually.

It's never amusing to mock the mentally unstable, but sometimes I feel that we've taken political correctness too far in the opposite direction.

My boss has a sign on his desk saying "You don't have to be mad to work here, but it helps!".

Outrageous - I'd always been led to believe that positive discrimination was illegal in the UK. Such displays of nepotism are disgusting in the modern era.

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