Friday, April 13, 2007

That Blogger Code Of Ethics

John Bitches tells me that bloggers are being urged to sign up to a code of ethics, under which we agree to write in a civil, truthful and polite fashion.

Well, I don't need to sign any petition to ensure my good behaviour - I'm an unfailingly pleasant chap, and I've never knowingly allowed a lie to pass my lips.

I was saying just that to Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos fame just the other day, I said "Markos, I always treat my fellow man with the utmost respect and would never tell a falsehood. My whole life has been a campaign for truth and justice."

"Fuckin' A, FR," he said, passing me the crackpipe. "Now, I want you to give my nuts a Chinese burn, and really twist 'em hard."

"Not again," I thought, but being the polite type I complied.

"Jesus, yes!" he shrieked as I mangled the family jewels, "That's it, harder, harder!".

Blogging code of ethics?

Blogging pile of old wank, more like.

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