Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hanging's Too Good For 'Em

So it's come to this - a government review has finally decided that the creation of "Sarah's Law" would be a bad thing.

"Sarah's Law", for the uninitiated, is a measure that would allow parents to be informed if a convicted sex offender moved in near their homes.

Newspapers have been full of terrifying tales of perverts grooming children over the internet, and parents have reacted strongly, demanding this kind of draconian legislation.

Hypocrites that they are - I'll bet you that the very same parents who are most vocal about online grooming are the same parents who are always fussing over their kids' hair and tying their shoelaces.

As for parents who lick handkerchiefs to wipe dirty marks off their kids' faces, jail is too good for them.

They should all be castrated, even the mothers.

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