Sunday, April 22, 2007

Equalite, Liberte Et Stupidite

Calamitous news, as we discover that a pump failure at Seafield Wastewater Treatment Plant has caused millions of litres of sewage to spill into the Firth of Forth.

Not a mile from where I sit, huge quantities of stinking effluent are spewing into the Forth - a gushing geyser disgorging a noisome torrent of reeking ordure.

On a related note, I see that Michelle Malkin has published her thoughts on the French presidential elections, to whit - France is a stinking basket-case of a country filled with nazis, jihadis and effete snobs that deserves to burn in the fires of militant Islam.

"Enjoy your street sign in Ramallah, dhimmi," she spits at Jacques Chirac, showing why she's such a handsomely recompensed cable news personality and one of the internet's most popular bloggers.

Ms. Malkin seems to believe that this summer's riots in France's banlieus are evidence of the republic's imminent destruction, and she seems quite delighted by the prospect.

Of course, the French have been mobbing, rioting and looting for at least 250 years by my count, which seems to punch a hole in her argument. If anything, the car-burning antics of the urban poor are a sign that immigrants are saluting the traditional French way of life.

Arson and pillage are as French as onion trifle and syphilis, and jolly good on them. Tony Blair and his oafish mob of twatty hall monitors wouldn't dare pull half the stunts they do if we had an ounce of the Gallic spirit.

Still, it's interesting that Michelle has so much raw hatred for the French, simply because they refused to cheer for America's disastrous war in Iraq.

Perhaps British bloggers should take note, because sooner or later our armed forces will be leaving the Americans to get on with it themselves. When they do, it's a sure thing that we'll be next to feel the sharp stabs of Ms. Malkin's poison pen.

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