Thursday, March 01, 2007

Trouble In Paradise

Perhaps you can help - Mrs. Rodent and I have had a disagreement over the status of celebrity in the modern age, and find ourselves unable to come to a consensus.

Mrs. Rodent believes that the colossal fame of Paris Hilton is a fascinating sociological phenomenon, exposing how celebrity culture has effectively become a self-perpetuating kakistocracy; an endless cycle of self-abasement and glorification, in which the acquisition of wealth for its own sake is held up as the apex of personal and spiritual worth.

I, however, contend that Paris Hilton is a drivel-brained sack of shitty porridge, held together by extortionate oils and unguents, drunk on the gunk of her harem of witless, trustafarian himbos, cavorting for the gratification of a hooting pack of malicious, masturbating ogres.

Mrs. Rodent argues that my conclusions prove that I'm appallingly sexiest, and that I need to get my nose out of the fucking dictionary because nobody likes a smart-arse.

Personally, I think that both arguments have merit.

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