Sunday, February 11, 2007

Gotcha Politics

Regular readers will be aware that I'm vehemently opposed to smears upon political figures. If critics wish to attack their ideological foes, they should attempt to defeat their arguments, not peddle innuendo to impugn their personal morality.

Play the ball, as they say, and not the man.

In this spirit, I'm glad to see that David Cameron, the leader of the British Conservative party, is refusing to apologise for his crack habit.

Truly, things have come to a pretty pass when the leader of Her Majesty's opposition can't smoke a few leisurely bowls of an evening without being hounded by a pack of baying media hounds.

Former leader William Hague is to be commended for his broadmindedness, announcing today that he is "enormously impressed with him and this makes no difference to my view of him". Even New Labour's slap-headed pitbull John Reid agrees.

David Cameron, like all Britons, is entitled to a private life, and if he chooses to relax by honking on the odd dime-rock or two, then that is his business and his alone.

Provided he refrains from pimping out Mrs. Cameron to Conservative party donors in exchange for a few measly glass dicks, that is.

Seperated at birth?

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