Monday, January 29, 2007

A Triumph For Common Sense

In a wonderful victory for civil rights, I'm greatly relieved to see that Britain's homosexuals have refused to allow the Catholic Church to raise their children.

Who knows what depraved antics these sacramental deviants get up to behind closed doors - just to think of them anointing and liturgising in front of the eyes of an innocent child makes me sick to my stomach.

What upstanding member of the gay community could possibly allow innocent minds to be warped in such an environment?

I saw that smarmy Tony Blair banging on about the rights of the priesthood not to be discriminated against, but what about the child's right not to be raised to think that Acts of Deuteronomy are normal?!!

Well, it's not normal - it's disgusting.

I'm as broadminded at the next man, but if I walked into a chapel and found two priests engaged in a sordid act of furious, mutual pontification, I wouldn't be responsible for my actions.

Add your own caption here, I'm scared God will be angry if I write what I'm thinking

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