Saturday, January 27, 2007

Thousands March In Support Of Fascism
America-Haters Go Berserk In Washington

Reporting: Nick Cohen, Oliver Kamm, Christopher Hitchens
WASHINGTON, 28th January 2007

The future historians of a free and democratic Iraq will look back upon this day of infamy through a prism of sadness and anger, unable to comprehend how tens of thousands of American liberals marched to demand capitulation to fascism.

The sadness and anger of that prism will only be dwarfed by the freeness and democraticity of their nation, freeness and democraticity that today's so-called "anti-war" marchers would seek to deny to millions of as-yet-unborn Iraqis.

In scenes reminiscent of the 650,000 who marched in Madrid in 1975 to oppose the end of General Franco's fascist regime, the jack-booted sandals of totalitarianism were on the march once more, birkenstock-clad, sweaty and pungent. The air was thick with the stench of moral equivalence.

Some were so angered by the war against fascist fascism that they armed themselves with placards and giant puppets. "We shall overcome (the will of the West to defend its freedoms against Islamic totalitarianism)!," they sang.

One couldn't help but be reminded of the weasel words of Lord Halifax, who in 1937 was heard to say "That Hitler seems an alright chap, what?", ushering in an era of unimaginable horror.

Sadly, America's contemporary Halifaxes and Chamberlains are just as indifferent to the wise, yet Cassandra-like warnings of today's Churchills, Roosevelts, Cohens, Kamms and Hitchens.

"Fuck off, Granddad," said one fresh-faced youngster when asked whether she realised she was supporting fascists. "You stink of scotch and if you don't stop leering at my tits, I'm calling the cops."

Such is the wilful blindness of today's left in its craven rush to embrace the menace of radical Islam...

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