Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Crime And Punishment

Too busy to trawl the internet for your entertainment tonight, but I did notice that the jury in the 21/7 suicide bombing trial have been shown a video.

Honestly, the laziness and inefficiency of the British judicial system is getting beyond a joke. Is it too much to ask that a jury get on with judging the case, rather than scratching their nuts in front of the box?

If you want to appreciate the full horror of the bomb plot, I suggest you click the link above and scroll down to the pictures of the bombers themselves - frankly, I'm not surprised they have a grudge against civilisation. If I was their mothers I'd have crammed them into bags and tossed them into rivers when they were born: an uglier bunch of knuckle-dragging Quasimodos and dot-eyed weasels couldn't be imagined.

I'm no oil painting myself, but if you think I'm exaggerating, check out this pie-faced oaf.

I suppose he can console himself that he'll be safe in the showers at Wormwood Scrubs - I'm amazed he even made it onto the bus.

If I'd seen him coming I'd have thrown him under the wheels on pure reflex.

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