Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Why I Disdain The Politics Of Envy

I note from his comment this week that econo-blogger Tim Worstall has proved so successful in his chosen field that he has relocated to the Algarve.

I'm delighted for him, and wish him all the best. There are many who indulge in small-minded, petty politics and would seek to deny those like Tim fair usage of the fruits of his labours.

I have nothing but contempt for those who indulge in the politics of envy - it is nothing more than a poverty of the political imagination, and it seeks to play upon the worst prejudices of mankind.

That said, the thought of Tim sipping Bollinger on his king-size yacht while simultaneously being fellated by dusky Iberian pornstars and wiping his arse with pedigree angora rabbits makes my fucking blood boil, I can tell you.

I've got to walk a mile through horizontal sleet to get to my shitty office job this morning.

Where's the fucking justice?

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