Sunday, December 17, 2006

The War On Entertainment Is Over...

... and the dullards won.

Voting has now finished in The 2006 Weblog Awards, and the UK category is particularly revealing.

Which stultifyingly dull bunch of arse would you have gone for?

The endless self-congratulatory circle-jerk at Harry's Place?

The endless self-congratulatory war-fluffing of Normblog?

Good Christ, is there some kind of embargo on entertainment in the blogosphere? I've had dental surgery that was more interesting and informative, I've had funnier bowel movements.

It's the winner that really puts the icing on this stupifyingly tedious cake, as EU Referendum walks off with forty one percent of the votes.

Presumably, this is recognition of their valiant work in disproving the media's lie that Israel was bombing Lebanon. Either that or there's a huge market for monotonous jeremiads about the evils of foreigners, the EU and lefties generally.

None of which is remotely as mind-numbing as the fifth-placed Instapundit, who is assessing the relative merits of various brands of circular sawblades.

Daily Kos runs off with "Best Blog", proving that lefties can be just as excruciatingly boring as their rivals.

And bloggers wonder why nobody gives us any respect?

Update!: I notice that EU Referendum's authors were so offended by the mockery of some guy from Edinburgh that they've seen fit to put up a post bitching about it and tickling their pissers over their victory.

I don't understand why a site of such voluminous traffic, which has served the causes of nutty propaganda so well, would be in any way bothered by anything I have to say.

Still, I thought I'd offer this in tribute to EU Referendum's sterling work in giving hardcore right-wing lunatics something to shriek about while the Israelis blasted seventeen shades of shit out of Beirut.

Look at the picture below - does anything about it seem odd?

Not at first sight, but an interesting fact is revealed if we zoom in on the detail of the image - it's been Photoshopped.

Amazing, isn't it?

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