Monday, December 04, 2006

Politically Correct America-Blamers - Arise!

James at Nourishing Obscurity points to a pal of his who asks the pertinent question of bloggers - why are lefty types such suckass dorks, when those on the right rule so triumphantly?

"[The] left's rhetoric has been inhibited by a variety of self-imposed restraints - broadly those known as 'politically correctness', but also by certain, as it were, theological dogmas such as the need to blame America for everything and to insist that America can only do evil. PC and dogmatism have progressively tightened the gag on the rhetoric of the left so that, in effect, they can say less and less about more and more.

The right, by contrast, has not really acquired any such fixed dogmas. It is more pluralist. The reason for this is the left's dogmatism and package of prejudices combined with an “if you're not for us, you're against us” mindset. This restricts entry to the left club and excludes anybody who might dissent too readily from the prevailing orthodoxy."

This is one possible reason for our suckitude, although I'm inclined to say that it's probably the way we pour our malice, our cruelty and our will to dominate all life into every post.

Maybe we just don't have the same passion for fuming about the liberal bias in BBC productions of Robin Hood, or the fact that Gwyneth Paltrow said she likes England more than America.

Maybe we're less inclined to organise ourselves into maverick groups of Western Civ defending terminators. Or could it be that we don't feel the need to fluff each others' hardons for hatred, tugging each other into a sexual frenzy over Europe's destiny - fascism from within, or Muslim domination from without?

I could continue, but what would be the point? It took me five minutes to come up with these examples of pluralism and non-fixed dogmas, and I haven't even Googled "War on Christmas" or "Liberal media bias". I'll say nothing about the notion that the Left has an “if you're not for us, you're against us” mindset beyond this.

Comments appreciated, but please remember my rule - "If it isn't politically correct, it gets deleted because of my totalitarian ideology".

Now, back to the campaign to destroy Christian values and common decency!

Update!: Amusingly, the perpetually-apopleptic squeak-demon Michelle Malkin has chosen to flag up an example of "grievance mongering", whereby a member of a minority group is said to deliberately seek out alleged prejudice in order to complain about it.

Stupidity + Hysterical ideological fury - Self-awareness = Internet fame.

As Harry Hutton has said of her, I've never been as angry about anything as she is about everything.

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