Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Police And Thieves

A quick note on the case of Mustaf Jama, the Somali suspect in the PC Sharon Beshenivsky murder case...

Newspapers are reporting today that Mr. Jama has fled the country, passing through customs at the airport using his sister's passport while wearing a veil.

He acheived this incredible feat while the enhanced security measures following the 7/7 bombings were still in place. As anyone who had the misfortune to fly in those unpleasant months will tell you, this is something of a surprise, to say the least.

It's certainly got the internet's least reliable news source up in arms, a fact that has set my bullshit-detector pinging.

“The idea that in any circumstances you could be let through passport control wearing a veil is barely credible,” said David Davis, Shadow Home Secretary, this morning. I reckon he could be onto something there.

Who knows, this story may well be true, no security system is infallible and the cops must have passed this story to the press.

It just smacks of a confected media frenzy, is all. I'll put my hands up and admit it if I'm wrong, but I predict that soon we'll learn that this story is nonsense.

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