Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Nice Work If You Can Get It

I see that the Americans have sworn in a new Secretary of Defence, some joker called Robert Gates.

And wouldn't you know it, his first act in office is to visit Iraq.

Typical politician, put them on the public payroll and the first thing they do is bugger off on their holidays. That Tony Blair's swanning about in Palestine as we speak, no doubt sunning himself by the pool and drinking pina coladas from the cleavages of buxom maidens.

It's a bloody scandal, so it is. You never see that Robin Cook any more, he's probably pissed-up in a vodka bar in Ayia Napa, spitting when he talks and goosing the barmaids.

At least they got rid of that malingerer David Blunkett, he never did a stroke of work. Every time I saw him on TV he was out walking his dog.

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