Friday, December 22, 2006

Free Speech and Human Reichs

Holocaust denying faux-historian David Irving is in the news again, following his release from an Austrian jail. No doubt his comments today will cause something of a fuhrer.

He's using his newfound Liebensraum to complain bitterly about his treatment, alleging a "world-wide attempt to silence" him.

Comically, he's decrying Austria's "Stalinist legislation" for criminalising holocaust denial - one wonders why he didn't use the word "fascist" instead.

He still insists upon referring to himself as an "historian" deserving of respect, which is entertaining. My academic credentials are far more impressive than his, and regular readers will know that I'm a mongoose-brained ignoramus with the analytical skills of a cabbage.

Nonetheless, Irving has whinged about being treated with "the utmost contempt" by the Austrians and the Germans. I quite agree, and I think they've probably done him a favour.

At least he'll be prepared for the more withering contempt of the British.

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