Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Brand-Spanking New Year

Kicking back in front of the TV this afternoon, Mrs. Rodent and I were treated to an ad for FHM's High Street Honeys - Dance Workout.

Just the thing to jerk oneself out of the post-Christmas malaise, this should help tug anyone back to full fitness - for a preview of the Honeys' highly-appropriate single I Touch Myself, click here.

It's good to see that, as soon as Christmas is over, the Lamb of God is forgotten and the Beast With One Back rules supreme once more.

Fitness enthusiasts should note, however, that the internet provides ample opportunity to peruse the well-toned hips and thighs of similar Honeys, and all for free.

You can tell the internet that it's for your girlfriend if you like, although it's unlikely to care one way or the other.

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