Monday, November 06, 2006

Party Decrees Execution "Double-Plus Good"

So I turn my back for five minutes and suddenly we're executing Saddam?

I'm almost afraid to go on holiday, there would be nothing worse than getting home to discover everyone had spent the whole time I was away holding Kim Jong Il's head down the toilet and pulling the flush.

Still, I see that the news has gone over well with those whose fierce commitment to universal human rights flops like a stiffy in a scissor factory the moment we, the Americans or the Israelis rev up our war machines to unleash some kick-ass whizz-bang upon lunatics and civilians alike.

This being the case, I'm sure you can envisage their not-at-all bloodthirsty reaction (364 comments so far) to the butcher of Baghdad's impending execution. It's good to see that none of the "muscular liberals" (see also "pretend-lefties who demand uncritical adherence to the agenda of the Republican Party") have wasted any time sniffing out dissent from the party line.

There's little point in commenting upon the responses of those hermanos who cheerfully admit their right wing lunacy, other than to observe that they must be enjoying the novelty of eulogising the execution of someone who a) isn't black, b) is actually guilty and c) has a mental age that stretches to double figures.

Most of the Iraqis that have survived the last three years seem to be happy enough with the news, which is understandable. Even those who have fled the country in fear of their lives are jubilant.

At least the fact that the Shi'ites have spent the last two days celebrating by firing their machine guns into the air, rather than into the backs of their neighbours' heads at point-blank range, should put a cap on the body count in the short term.

I suppose we should let this be a lesson to dictators - don't slaughter your people, or we'll sell you chemical weapons to use on your internal and external enemies and feed strategic data to your armed forces to help you win wars.

Oh, and then after twenty five years we'll depose you, hand you over to a kangaroo court to provide an unconvincing veneer of legality before stampeding your death sentence onto the breakfast news just in time to coincide with internal elections.

I suppose this means that Dick Cheney was right - the Iraqis are trying to influence the US political process!

Not that the notion of Saddam being legally strung up by a political court, then literally strung up to suit the Machiavellian needs of an unscrupulous and bloodthirsty cabal of warmongers, doesn't have an ironic ring to it.

Rummy congratulates Saddam on his impending execution

As regular readers might have guessed, I'm opposed to the death penalty in principle, even for genocidal maniacs like Saddam. Involvement in unnecessary bloodshed, however justified we might feel it is, lowers us to their level.

That said, I have the perfect solution for this moral quandary - an evil dictator, a Shia majority baying for his blood, and the obvious involvement of American political pressure in his impending execution? How to keep even more blood from being spilled on the flags of our nations?

Well, why not release Saddam into a Shia enclave of Baghdad? Much like our right wing blogging brethren, they have a preference for the swift delivery of summary justice in darkened rooms and back alleys.

A Sunni male in Sadr City? He wouldn't last five minutes.

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