Thursday, November 16, 2006

Milton Friedman Has Passed Beyond The Veil

Sad tidings, as it is revealed that Milton Friedman has died aged 94.

Friedman was a giant amongst his peers and his legacy will endure beyond his passing. His wit and wisdom were always an inspiration to me, as he strove to carve his own path through this life in the face of adversity.

My introduction to his work was his magnum-opus, "Elvis, Jesus and Coca-Cola", a tour-de-force of razor sharp one-liners, although his greatest achievement was surely his country-rock classic, "They Ain't Makin' Jews Like Jesus Anymore".

It's only a shame that he couldn't have gone to meet his maker after being elected governor of Texas, but this world is but a veil of tears from which none depart content.

Farewell, Milton, country-singer and humourist par excellence - and may your spirit find solace at the great ranch in the sky.

Update!: It appears that I've made a mix-up and it is in fact Milton Friedman the economist that has passed on. I thought Kinky was looking a little good for a 94 year old.

Fellow commies and moonbats, if it's comedy you seek then head over to Harry's Place and watch the "Decent Left"tm attempt to eulogise the deceased economist and father of monetarism while maintaining their cover as lefties.

Seriously, it's like watching a room full of shamefaced vicars trying to tie knots in their dicks.

It's actually got so bad that tonight's host is trying to distract them with posts harshing on Stalinist cartoons and Muslim attitudes to female masturbation. If it gets any worse they're going to have to break out the footage of George Galloway saluting Saddam.

Ah, the Eustonistas - waving, not drowning, in a sea of their own self-righteous onanism.

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