Monday, November 20, 2006

For The Love Of Christ

SHOCKING NEWS - a British Airways employee has lost her case to openly wear an exposed crucifix while working.

In a sane country, the news that certain companies forbid visible jewellery would be met with yawns and rolling eyes, whatever the religious connotations of said trinkets and baubles. Sadly, this is not a sane country, and those yapping little doggies that enjoy barking at the moon over such trifles will doubtless seize this opportunity.

And so Britain's idiot-driven culture war continues apace, as the horrifying news breaks that a school has been forced to drop its plan to serve a halal Christmas dinner. I imagine anyone who's ever eaten a kebab and possesses a functional brain (and such people do exist) will be deeply concerned.

But, to return to the story of the air-hostess who has been forbidden to wear her holy necklace at work, I'm struggling for words. I'll let the lady herself, Nadia Eweida, give us her opinion.

"It is important to wear it to express my faith so that other people will know that Jesus loves them..."

Ms Eweida said people of other faiths were allowed to wear visible religious symbols such as headscarves and she wanted to be allowed to do the same.

I'm secure in the knowledge that I bask in the love of the Lord already, but I think it's worth pointing out that if Ms. Eweida were to holiday in Holland, she'd be forbidden to wear a burqa.

A fact that, looking at her photograph below, strikes me as particularly ironic.

Nadia Eweida - With a face like that,

I'd wear something to distract the punters too.

Update!: It's just occurred to me that the Romans were probably showing off their famed sense of humour when they nailed our Saviour and Lord to those bits of wood.

He was a carpenter, after all. If he'd been a plumber, they'd probably have flushed him down the toilet.

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