Saturday, November 25, 2006

Armed Police 1 Neo-Nazi Thugs 0

Consternation today as France confronts an epidemic of football violence.

This has led to many an observation that Paris produces "the worst football hooligans in Europe".

This statement is entirely false - considering their brutality, moronic racism, xenophobia and neo-nazi links, Paris surely produces the best football hooligans in Europe.*

The worst football hooligans in Europe are probably Monaco fans, whose support is composed of champagne-swilling squillionaires. Mind you, if you were going to be stabbed, it's probably classier to be done in by a gold-plated, jewel encrusted lock-knife than a ten Euro Saturday night special.

*On a similar note, why do people refer to World War One as "The Great War"?

Surely World War II, with its higher death toll and devastation of entire continents, was loads better.

Credit where it's due, I say.

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