Sunday, October 08, 2006

They May Be Racist Fucks, But They're Our Racist Fucks

The fashion choices of less than one percent of the population is such an interesting topic that I just can't get enough of the ongoing debate.

The ever reliable fearmonger Melane Philips fluffs the hatred hard-ons of her readership today with a sensual oral workout -

"...this type of veil is itself a direct threat to liberty...

What is beyond doubt is that the blackout veil is associated with most extreme interpretation of Islam, which holds that Islamic values must supersede all other values, including those of the secular state. Wearing this veil is thus a political statement of cultural and religious hostility to the British state. Objecting to it, therefore, is not an example of intolerance or religious discrimination. Religious garb should certainly be tolerated, even if it is outlandish; what people wear is their own affair. But this veil is not their own affair. It affects the rest of us because it is inherently aggressive and intimidatory. That is why it is unacceptable."

Mad Mel isn't the only frothing bigot with time enough on her hands to stroke her readership to multiple orgasms of phobic obloquy, as a quick internet search reveals, and not even the liberal propogandists of the BBC can soften the paranoid fantasies of the public.

The veil is, of course, not a symbol of Islamic totalitarianism, but of male dominance and ownership of women, which is just fine and dandy by me.

I've lost count of the number of times I've been roused to sexual apoplexy by the sight of an uncovered hand or the outline of a feminine nose, and I hold these veil-wearing strumpets entirely responsible for my many detentions at Her Majesty's pleasure.

Burkhas all round ladies, thank you very much.

This supremely dull debate is not about cultural assimilation, the welfare of women or social exclusion, it's the same tired game of "pin the swastika on the Ay-rab" that assorted racist freaks and warmongering trolls have been playing for all too long.

Whether on the streets of the West or the Middle East, the vast majority of humanity is completely uninterested in the "Clash of Civilisations", the apocalyptic Muslim vs. Christian deathmatch that the Mental Melanies, LGFers and mad mullahs of the world want us to wage.

Poor dears, they've been finding it difficult to rouse genocidal bloodlust in populations more concerned with paying their mortgages, going to the pub and, in the case of unfortunate Iraqis, Afghans and Lebanese, buying a pint of milk without being righteously detonated.

So here's how we should fight the War on Terror from now on - send out forms to the entire populace to gauge their enthusiasm for Terror Warring and immediately draft everyone who scores higher than "Fairly Enthusiastic".

Give 'em a gun then send 'em to Afghanistan - they'd be flat-out fucking useless as soldiers, wheezing, complaining and sobbing their way around the desert, but at least we wouldn't have to listen to their ferocious bullshit any longer.

It'd be worth it just to see Christopher Hitchens trying to lug an army backpack up a mountain while clad in an outfit much like the one I'm wearing in my profile. Take it from me, they're very, very uncomfortable.

Finding a gas mask that would fit over his enormous moon-face would only be the first of many near insuperable challenges.

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