Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Sage Wisdom of Mrs. Rodent

Mrs. Rodent has volunteered us to look after her friend's cats, and showed up last night with a mewling box of fur under each arm.

"Awww, aren't they cute!" I said, "Are they boys or girls?".

"One's a boy, one's a girl" Mrs. Rodent responded, to my surprise.

"What, have they been neutered?".

And, in tones of ultimate weariness as if addressing a slow child, Mrs. Rodent said "They're brother and sister."

Well, that's okay then. I'm listening for the pitter-patter of tiny paws.

It doesn't quite beat the worst incident of girlfriend daffiness I've ever heard - the guy who was puzzled to learn that his girlfriend believed that Tony the Tiger from the Frosties adverts was female.

It took a moment for the explanation to come out - "Lions are boys, tigers are girls!".

But it's surely up there.

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