Monday, October 02, 2006

No Inept Pictures Of Dutch Landmarks, I Said...

... But I didn't say anything about inept pictures of the denizens of Amsterdam zoo, did I?

Without doubt the highlight of my trip - highly recommended.

Giant Ant-Eater

Vulture, just woken up after basking in the sun.

Silverback, Lord of all he surveys.

Catfish Blues.

Normal posting resumes after a cup of tea and a nice sit down...

Update!: It's just occurred to me that ant-eater is a pretty crap name for an animal. After all, how would you like to be known as a chip-eater or a beer-drinker?

It looks more like a Nike-bear, or a hose-faced tracksuit demon. And it's clearly got Scottish ancestry - in this picture, it's eating ant-laced porridge.

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