Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Immigration - The Gift That Keeps On Giving... To Idiots

The debate rages across the great nation of Britain after the Home Secretary announced plans to restrict immigration from the soon-to-be EU members Romania and Bulgaria.

"They'll take jobs from our work-shy, lazy British dossers!" cry the public, weaned on the milk of human hostility. "Britain is full! Our welfare services are stretched to the limit!".

"And don't get us started on those bloody veils!"

And as the media and internet pundits suck in air to mouth the empty words "I'm not racist, but...", I thought I'd throw my hat into the political arena once more.

I've already considered this issue and comprehensively laid out my reasons for being fervently in favour of immigration, but this seems like a good opportunity to restate my intellectual reasoning.

Ioana Valentina, Miss Romania

Gergana Guncheva, Miss Bulgaria

I'm aware that some people might find my reduction of the complex issue of immigration to a cheap excuse to post pictures of attractive Eastern Europeans both perverse and shallow.

I prefer to think of it as idiosyncratic and pragmatic, but that's just because I'm a pretentious tosser with a big dictionary.

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