Friday, October 13, 2006

The Face Of Evil, No. 283,012

One of the most frightening developments of recent years has been the willingness of westerners, particularly Brits, to embrace Al Qaeda's insane doctrines.

One such person is Dhiran Barot, 34, who pled guilty at Woolwich Crown Court to plotting acts of terrorism. He was caught after details of his dastardly schemes were found on his computer by police.

Rather forgetful of him to send it to PC World for maintenance, but thank God he did, for his list of targets is truly horrifying...

"Edmund Lawson QC, for the crown, said the buildings included the International Monetary Fund and World Bank buildings in Washington, the New York stock exchange and Citigroup headquarters in New York, and the Prudential premises in Newark, New Jersey."

But it wasn't only these buildings that Mr. Barot intended to bomb - oh no.

"Another of his plans involved blowing up three limousines, packed with flammable gas cylinders and explosives, in underground car parks somewhere in Britain. The locations were not specified."

Mr. Barot codenamed this terrifying operation "The Gas Limos Project", presumably in the interests of secrecy. But still more details emerge...

"(Mr. Barot)...also admitted planning to use a radioactive dirty bomb in the UK that would have caused "injury, fear, terror and chaos", a court heard."

The name of this horrifying scheme? "The Dirty Bomb Project", for which he had sketched "rough plans".

We can only thank God that this evil terrorist mastermind (copyright The Times, 2006) didn't have the opportunity to form plans for a "Thermonuclear Annihilation of the Continental United States Project", or an "Everybody Dies Project".

Anyone who lives near the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal or the leaning tower of Piza can probably heave a sigh of relief, too.

In my heart of hearts, I truly hope he was busted during a police sweep known as "Operation Arrest The Stupid Jihadis".

I mean, where are Al-Qaeda recruiting from these days? Burger King?

Update!: Now that I come to think of it, why blow up three limousines? Why not ice cream vans, or hummers, or Robin Reliants?

Ladies and Gents, the world's first bling-bling bomber!

I think I've identified the spur for the embrace of terrorism by Brits, and it's not multiculturism - it's raw, unrefined stupidity.

We could be in more danger than I had previously suspected.

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