Monday, September 18, 2006

Rooney in Loony Moony at Sunni...

Beck's Text Sex Tex-Mex Hex...

17th September 2006


"Tired" Pope Slams Uppitty Foreigners

An "emotional" Pope Benedict XVI has lashed out at protesting heathens in a shocking four-letter rant.

The emotional pontiff, addressing a crowd of forty thousand in Vatican City, pronounced himself "Sick to the fucking tits" following protests in Muslim countries over his recent, entirely reasonable comments on Islam.

Onlookers were astonished as Pope Benedict let rip with an x-rated rant.

Shaking his fist in the air, the Pope turned the air blue, exhorting protesting Muslims to "fuck right off" and urging them to "Come and have a go, if you've got the bollocks".

But His Holiness wasn't finished there - shocked onlookers gasped as...(see page 3 for details)


Pope declares Islam "A Load Of Old Wank"

Judaism: "Religion of Arse"

Protestants: "Thick as a Bull's Dick"

The Papal Posterior, Bared Towards Mecca in Defiance

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Bloody Immigrants, Coming Over Here, Taking Our Jobs, Looking Funny at My Wife, Nicking My Bike, Goosing My Tortoise (cont. pg 5)

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