Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I Got The Poison - I Got The Remedy

Since my last post has probably provoked the ire of nationalists throughout the country, I thought I'd assuage the rage with a critique of the government's much-touted immigrant-detecting masterplan - ID cards.

I'll keep it brief - this is a scheme whereby the population of Britain, and anyone applying for residency or asylum, will be issued a card which will hold details of their retinal scans and fingerprints.

Call me cynical, but can anyone explain how this would assist in tracking down terrorist enablers like Abu Hamza?

Abu Hamza al-Masri - The Egyptian Candyman

This brings the whole ID card programme into question. If Britain's leading Islamist can escape detection so easily, it defies logic to continue to throw good money after bad.

I've never understood why we had so many problems catching Hamza in the first place - surely it would've been simpler to forcefeed a clock to a crocodile and have it chase him all over Finsbury Park.

It's political correctness gone mad, I tell you.

(All gags courtesy of Viz magazine, circa 2004).

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