Tuesday, September 26, 2006

History Repeating As Tragedy, Then As Arse

I read an article this afternoon at the BBC's Scotland page documenting an upsurge in anti-semitic incidents (verbal abuse and spitting) in Scotland. Such occurrences have increased by 30%, from ten incidents in 2004/05 to thirteen this year.

The BBC have yanked it, in a move which will give Melanie Philips and the rest her selectively-outraged ilk another excuse to bleat plaintively about media bias, fat teardrops streaming down their whiny faces as they boo-hoo interminably.

It's always surprised me how easily they can switch from ferocious denunciations of the racism of their political opponents to foam-flecked rants about the scheming, swarthy hordes threatening to destroy western civ.*

Having spent some time working in the judicial system, I'm amazed there are so few - there are more physical racist attacks on other minority groups in Scottish cities in the average month.

Nonetheless, it's always depressing when faced with evidence of such small-mindedness in my own country. Given that the overwhelming majority of racist attacks in Scotland are on non-white people, I've been giving some thought to what could cause such repulsive behaviour.

Could it be that Scotland's neds are convulsed with rage over the recent war in Lebanon? Or is it simply that the dark stain of European anti-semitism is insidiously returning to the nation?

On reflection, I've thought of a far more likely suspect.

Okay, Mr. Gibson hasn't been seen here for ten years, but let's not underestimate the effect his famous history-mangling movie had upon the simple-minded. From such tiny seeds do mighty oaks grow.

*Call me a totalitarian, but anybody who uses the phrase "western civ" in seriousness is surely too stupid to spell the word "civilisation", and thus ill-equipped to lecture us upon its meaning.

Just in case anyone thinks this was a feeble ruse, made up so I could put the boot into bullshit anti-racists, I'll post a link to the story if the Beeb puts the story back up.

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