Thursday, August 17, 2006

Why I Like The Single European Currency

The idea of the Euro as the single currency of the continent has much appeal to aesthetes like myself.

The notion of being able to spend the same money in the Orkneys as in Austria, in Madrid as in Milan, calls to mind the old notion of the Commonwealth of Man, a land of brotherhood and tranquility. With no monetary quarrels to divide us, why, truly we could stand as one continent united and say "We are men, born unique yet alike". It offers the hope of tranquility and harmony, where one can watch the sun set over Istanbul sipping raki as easily as watch it rise over Paris with espresso.

Sadly, the Euro mint have decided that the old Euro coins did not embody this ideal, and have recently minted fresh batches of coins.

This is the old 2 Euro piece:

A coin for connoisseurs, a design classic, non?

Sadly, there was one little problem with the inception of the currency - not everyone signed up to join. Presumably because the UK has made positive (if dishonest) sounds about doing so, we were included in the final design.

Alas, Norway emphatically rejected the opportunity and their land was struck from the image of the continent of Europe, shorn from it's border with Sweden.

Which left us with this...

Now that is what I call a design classic.

If the Royal Mint were to start printing twenty pound notes with such obvious innuendo prominently displayed, I'd be the most ardent defender of the currency in Britain.

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