Saturday, August 26, 2006

Why I Like Little Green Footballs...

... Who couldn't?

A page which presents scrupulously factual and sane opinions, which does not resort to racism and does not attempt to smear those it disagrees with as bigots.

In fact, it keeps a keen eye on the real bigots. From a single search I've now been alerted to the many vicious anti-semites in our midst, whose opinions should be regarded as suspect.

So, who are the bigots who pray for the victory of terrorists?

LGF and its commenters detail the anti-semitic motivations of CNN, "The Left", the YMCA, The French, New York Magazine, Indymedia, The Democratic Party, The Lebanese, Kofi Annan, Daily Kos Commenters, The British, Amnesty International, Ken Livingstone, Spanish Prime Minister Jose Zapatero, the BBC, the United Nations, the UK Foreign Office, British Muslims, The Council on American-Islamic Relations, 50% of Germans, the Presbytarian Church, Jacques Chirac, San Jose moviegoers, The Russians, Billy Zane and Gary Busey, the University of California, LA, the Boston Muslim-American Society,the Associated Press, Juan Cole, the Guardian, Qatar, the European Union, the Entirety of Europe, including Sweden, The New York Times, Walt and Mearsheimer, The Vatican, Michael Jackson, Belgium, Le Monde, The British Association of University Teachers, Columbia University, The Turks, Channel Four, Estonia, Berkeley University, Ralph Nader, Bostonians, The World Economic Forum at Davos, Lefty Environmentalists, The Ford Foundation, European politicians, “intellectuals,” academics, and media wolves, Malaysia, Paul Krugman, Genocidal Liberals, The Independent, Cruz Bustamente, the Egyptians, Oxford University, Rachel Corrie, The Chicago Tribune, the Anti-War movement, Josh Marshall, the crew of USS Liberty, Anti-globalisation protesters and The World's Media, amongst many, many others.

Curiously, the closest I could find to condemnation of Richard Nixon - one of America's most famous anti-semites - was this grumble about the praise for Deep Throat.

More power to your arm, LGF! Long may you continue to reveal the bigotry of 98% of the population of the planet.

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