Friday, August 18, 2006

US/UK - We Are The Most Heartless, Evil Bastards in History

It's an oft heard complaint in the Arab world that the West seeks to force its culture upon them, including alien ideas about democracy, fashion, sexual politics and family. Parts of the Middle East seethe with resentment at the cultural imperialism of the US and UK.

Well, they ain't seen nothin' yet. Thanks to Tim Blair's desperate floundering for something, anything good that can have come from the occupation of Iraq, he's stumbled upon an interesting fact...

Number of Iraqi blogs before October 2003: 4
Number of Iraqi blogs in August 2006:

As if it's not bad enough that they spend their days dodging death squads, suicide bombers, Apache helicopters, snipers, militia roadblocks, roadside bombs and IEDs, we've now exported the most worthless phenomenon imaginable to their country - blogging.

What have they done to deserve such treatment? Can you imagine?

This news just in - Salam Pax is fat and prays for the wellbeing of terrorists, curse him.

Posted by Bashar Al-Hajj on 08/18/2006 at 02:06 PM

Insha Allah! The Germans must join the Jihad to slay the infidel terrorists.

posted at 01:03 PM by Ghaith-Rahman

Your mocking of my hysterical, womanly shrieks of terror do not concern me.
I shall now prove my manliness; see how I link to the Djinn Miryam Al-Malkin and say strong words such as "fuck" and "homo pussyboy faggit".
posted by Ali at 11:31 AM

Please, people, these poor Iraqis have had enough. The last thing they need is a shower of country bumpkins assuring them that black is white, up is down and stupid is the new clever. Iraq will be a far better place without a chorus of morons continually shrieking "My God, we're all going to die!" at the top of their voices.

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