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Piss-Up. Brewery. Some Assembly Required.

New York Times Editorial,
2nd August 2007

The time has come to admit that which has been obvious for some time - the Cuban democratic experiment has resulted in disastrous failure, and the Bush administration has only itself to blame for this tragedy.

Since those fateful August days one year ago when it became clear that, contrary to pronouncements from Havana, Cuban dictator Fidel Castro had in fact died of a massive stroke, much American blood and treasure has been poured into seeding the flower of democracy in the soil of the former communist state. The scenes of violence and chaos in the Cuban capital are testimony to the administration's many failures of planning.

Condemnation is easy with hindsight, but just 12 months ago it seemed that, given Cuba’s educated population, the energy and skills of its people, and its advantageous location, it was not at all a utopian fantasy to assume that the transition to democracy would be simple and painless. That hope was finally crushed as communist insurgents and right-wing paramilitaries launched devastating terrorist attacks across Havana yesterday.

Secretary Rice last night admitted to "tactical errors" during the massive aerial bombardment and invasion which followed the overthrow of Castro's dictatorship and the Cuban people's subsequent election of a center-left government. She called for international co-operation to halt the flow of weapons from neighbouring Jamaica and condemned recent unrest in Haiti and Honduras following terrorist attacks and assassinations by Communist militia groups...

When pressed, she admitted that the administration's decision to install Ramon 'Cheeky-Cheeky' Batista as pro-consul had been an error, and condemned the interim government's decision to reconvene for their second term in Rio De Janiero...

...Vice-President Cheney rejected Rice's comments, stating that the Marxist resistance was in its last throes. "What we're seeing here are the desperate actions of a group of rejectionists and dead enders", he told reporters yesterday. President Bush, now a peripheral figure in his own administration, could not be contacted at his Crawford, TX ranch.

How different it all seems to the situation just 10 months ago, when President Bush told a cheering crowd in Arlington, VA, that the US would not tolerate the threat of tens of thousands of advanced surface-to-surface missiles just 90 miles off the coast of Florida.

President Bush can still rescue this seeming disaster, but to do so he will have to eat a considerable amount of humble pie. Will the President now admit his failures and seek international co-operation?

2nd August 2007

Austin Bay says that the US should be prepared to take extraordinary measures to guard the Florida coast from Cuban suicide attacks.

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