Friday, August 04, 2006

One World, Worlds Apart

Julian Borger sums it up in the Guardian.

What America sees of the war in Lebanon on TV...

"If not for the IDF, how would we enjoy the fruits of freedom and democracy?"

Unflinching coverage of civilian casualties. Israeli casualties, that is.

What practically everyone else on Earth sees...

Both representations are accurate, but which is more representative of the war on the ground? I'll let you decide.

For an idea of how this senseless barbarity is going to shake out, I can't recommend Gary Brecher enough. His column is intended as a joke (I think it's the editor under a pseudonym) but he's been the only pundit/blogger who has accurately predicted the course of the War on Whatever, from the Iraqi insurgency to the gigantic clusterfuck Ehud Olmert has wrought upon the people of Israel and Lebanon.

His view of how the Middle East wars are going? Think of that scene in Scarface with the bag of drugs, the money and the chainsaw. Then subtract the bag of drugs and the money.


"But in PR terms, this war has been a disaster for Israel, a can't win scenario. Just try this experiment: watch CNN with the sound off for a few minutes. Without that non-stop pro-Israel commentary, you'll see what the whole world outside the US sees: non-stop video feed of terrified Lebanese civvies fleeing in terror, crying on camera, hugging their bloodied-up kids. Then there's a shot of the IDF zooming around in their Merkavas and US-supplied SP 155mms, blasting dry hills or doing dirt donuts on some local's wrecked house."

I'm sure the Bush administration knows what it's doing by refusing to rein in the Israelis - after all, it's been right about everything for the last six years. One would be pushed to think of a single issue on which they had been repeatedly proved to have shit for brains.

If you want the cheerful news where the Lebanese are grateful for the aerial bombardment of their country and a tidal-wave of democracy is just around the corner, I suggest you consult the childish fantasists.

But if you do, don't bother posting any comments - my tolerance for suckers who swallow neo-con propaganda hook, line and sinker then regurgitate it like retarded parrots is at an end.

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