Saturday, August 05, 2006

I'm So Sorry...

Readers of my previous post on this page, "The Red Terror, Reborn!", may have formed the impression that I believed that Mr. Tommy Sheridan (pictured below) had committed the acts of sexual deviancy of which he was accused.

In light of Mr. Sheridan's victory in his libel action against the News of The World, I would like to stress that I have always believed that he was entirely innocent and that all accusations of drug abuse, three-in-a-bed sex and swinging were entirely false. The success of Mr. Sheridan's case is a victory for the working man against a dishonest newspaper which grows fat upon the iniquities of minor celebrities and politicians.

I would like to apologise to Mr. Sheridan, who I described as an alleged "demon shagger" and implied had taken part in "eye-wateringly filthy conduct". I now realise that Mr. Sheridan is a man of unimpeachable moral rectitude and would like to send him my best wishes for the future.

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