Thursday, August 17, 2006

How We Used To Do Things...

... Before the PC brigade and the human rights industry seized control in a stealth coup.

So, a German family may be evicted from their flat for praying too loudly.

"I really don't want to disturb the neighbors but the high volume is needed in the battle against the devil," Pierre D., the 42-year-old father of the Christian family, told Bild newspaper. He is fighting an eviction order in court."

And not a moment to soon - the Europeans understand the need for this kind of tough, no nonsense policy to combat troublemakers. Tony Blair should take a leaf out of their book, rather than letting the do-gooders flush this once-great country down the toilet. The Government has let this country go to the dogs, allowing insolent children to run riot, thumbing their noses at vicars and throwing bricks at our gazebos.

I remember when I lived on the Merwedplein in an Amsterdam suburb, underneath a family who hollered, banged about and thumped the floors morning, noon and night. I couldn't get a moment's peace for their incessant shouting and larking around.

I called the police and they soon sorted it out, carting them off in short order during the night. I never saw them again, but the police officer who arrested them, Oberscharf├╝hrer Karl Silberbauer, was unfailingly polite and punctual, despite the fact he must have been under a lot of strain, with the war and whatnot.

But the bleeding hearts would never allow that in this country, would they? Just say "boo-hoo, I had a hard upbringing" and the judge will let you off with a warning.

Too many rights for the criminals, none for the victims, that's how it is these days. Clip a child round the ear for insolence and it'll be you that gets a jail sentence.

Destroying our orchestras, disrespecting our patron saints, and letting in too many smelly foreigners.

I've a good mind to punch a badger, I really do.

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