Monday, July 31, 2006

Selfish Blogger in "I Have a Life" Bullshit Plea

Posting's been light, not to mention tedious in the extreme, due to family commitments, so here are some of teh internet's greatest hits to tide you over in the meantime... Apologies to those who have seen everything below.

Cute animal knackers itself in comical fashion.

What Scotsmen do for entertainment at football matches.

Scarface, the fucking two-minute version. Not safe for work, unless you have headphones.

Scarface, the Dick Cheney version. Funny for about fifteen seconds. Not safe for work either. Headphones required.

The highest grossing movie in Turkish history - apologies to Americans, I guess you're even less popular in Turkey than we are. No mean feat, since we send thousands of tourists and football hooligans there every year.

Black people love us.

Sadly, it transpired that this kayak disaster was a hoax. But I laughed even when I thought it was true, scumbag that I am.

That'll have to do for tonight - I'll gratefully accept advice on how to post Youtube videos directly to my blog. Can't be bothered working it out at this time.

All Hail the Perry Bible Fellowship, without which I would have to post something worth reading.

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