Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Nail in the Coffin of Empire

As the Grauniad notes this week, the best selling book in Poland this year was "The World According to Clarkson". The author, the "politically incorrect" and "outspoken" Jeremy Clarkson, is the beloved of Britain's whining, frightened suburbanites. Retired army majors and middle-class cul-de-sac dwellers cheer him on as one who confirms their own indignant, quivering rejection of modernity with his fatuous asshole pronouncements.

This is indicative of two things - firstly, that Britain has become a country so scared of it's own shadow that a large number of people live their lives in a state of perpetual apoplexy over minor irritations that previous generations would have accepted as the price of living amongst their fellow men. There is no subject that can't be twisted into a bitter diatribe against the "politically correct" police, whose evil tyranny sends agents of the state to suppress their right to wax wroth on darkies and poofters.

Secondly, it's a sure sign that the British Empire is as dead as last night's dinner. Whatever your opinion of the British quest to bring "civilisation" to the brown peoples of the world, no-one could deny it was forged by grim faced men of action, rather than the current crop of churlish, impotent twerps.

It means, essentially, that the chief export of the United Kingdom is now bitter little twats. How low the mighty have fallen!

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