Friday, July 28, 2006

Like a Cool Hand Upon Your Fevered Brow

I wouldn't usually bore you with the banalities I consume to entertain myself, but I'll make exception for this year's Mercury Music Prize. (Warning - the site was designed by IT developers working in the seventh ring of Hell for Satan himself).

I hate all new music as a rule, since it fills me with confusion and fear of the unfamiliar, but I have to recommend Isobel Campbell's Ballad of the Broken Seas.

It's a collaboration with bad boy Mark Lanegan, the grunge-monster and occasional Stone Ager. It shouldn't work, and I mean it just shouldn't, but it does.

An album of sweet, mesmeric country, it should ideally be enjoyed while gently swayin' on the ol' wagon train out west. Anyone prone to stealing music via the internet (you bad, bad kids that you are) should check out Rambling Man or Saturday's Gone to get the idea.

My future wife, with some hairy-arsed rocker.

I'm aware that the Arctic Monkeys are also nominated and that it would make their mums really proud if they won, but we live in a world where the hopes of wide-eyed children are often cruelly dashed.

As for the other nominees, I haven't listened to their works, but they look like a right bunch of twats which means their music must be rubbish. It saves a lot of time if you judge a book by its cover.

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