Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Mercifully Brief Interlude of Seriousness

“Sometimes, democracy must fight with one hand tied behind its back . . . preserving the rule of law and recognition of individual liberties constitute an important component of its understanding of security”

Shami Chakrabarti? Bill Keller? A British High Court judge, giddy with power after unleashing a horde of perverts on an unsuspecting public?

Nope, Aharon Barak, ex-President of the Supreme Court of Israel, a land not noted for its history of peace, tranquility and liberalism.

Sounds like guff to me, mind you. I'd rather see Democracy trying to fight with both hands tied behind its back, butting and biting like an England football supporter being crammed into the back of a German van.

I'd love to see Democracy get Terrorism a lucky kick in the shin then sprint off down the street, while Terrorism is hopping on one leg, swearing and shaking its' fist.

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