Friday, June 23, 2006

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Blog

Bloggers - the wave of the future, the new media, citizen journalists, individual synapses in the giant processing brain of the blogosphere. When I heard about the blogging phenomenon in 2003, the idea opened up a new world of creative possibility - I just knew I had to get involved.

Sadly, I couldn’t be arsed at the time, since I’d just scored a copy of Rome: Total War and was distracted by the endless horde of Christians and barbarians just begging to be crucified. Plus, people were starting to push copies of the Da Vinci Code on me and it hasn’t been safe to leave my bedroom for the past three years. Until now.

Undaunted, I now step blinking into the dazzling glare of the future of media, armed only with a ludicrously purple writing style and unshakable faith in my own powers. With hard work and determination, I hope to emulate the philosophical geniuses and mental colossi of the blogosphere. A war is underway for the minds of humanity and I hope that my small contribution will add to the greater glory of the whole.

Firstly, I am the Flying Rodent. This is a childish and ridiculous moniker, but I have a good reason for adopting it. As you may have guessed, this is a nom de plume, which I gather is something of a no-no for serious citizen journalists. This is unavoidable as I have to work for a living and my employers are famously intolerant of embarrassing extra-curricular activities. This would not pose a problem if I had an ordinary name, but a quick Google search for my real name turns up exactly six entries, all of which are about me. Suffice to say, I would have had an easier time at school if I had been christened the Flying Rodent.

Expect occasional updates between Monday and Thursday, and occasionally on Sunday since I generally start drinking at 5.30pm on a Friday night and don’t stop until it’s time to iron a shirt for work. I’ll be writing about a diverse range of topics including music, literature and politics, although my chief interests are self abuse and swearing, in that order.

So, this is my blog. If nothing else, the police will find it baffling when they come to investigate it.

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